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RD Britannia reads ‘The Park’ - From the perspective of Y_R.

We thought carefully about Ward speech patterns and accents as opposed to those of the Citizens… A lifetime of soft speech in echoing corridors - the effects of conditioning… We really hope you enjoy it.

There are some TWs for some brief mentions of violence and blood.

Enjoyment is Mandatory.

The Park


Wire and the Minister walk the State Park, a few weeks after the tribunal, discussing, observing.

(TW for mentions of violence and blood)

Word Count: 1060

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eggplantwitch answered your post: Surely I don’t have to remind you my a…

What are qualities you admire in a person? (like, not romantically. Just. In general.)

"But having said qualities does not equal immediate respect."

Anonymous said: Mr. Breyos, what is your position in the State?


"At  this point, my position in the State could be considered… slightly dubious. There have been some unfortunate misunderstandings in the past, you see. They’re all taken care of, of course. But… I do believe it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie. There is no need to upset Mother any further."